Forward Air Delivers Enhanced Customer Service with iService

Forward Air is using the iService customer interaction solution from One-to-One Service.com to build strong customer relationships online. The system helps the company manage increasing volumes of customer email inquiries and provides various workflow tools to streamline operations.


Champaign, IL –

Forward Air Corporation is a leading provider of time-definite surface transportation and related logistics services to the North American air freight and expedited LTL market. Timely and quality support is crucial to its customers, who are increasingly turning to the Internet and email for support.

"Our customers expect our support to be timely and provide accurate information," said Maureen Mohr, the Forward Air Industrial Engineer responsible for the implementation of iService. "It's important for us to ensure that customers receive prompt service and timely answers to their questions. We implemented the iService customer interaction solution to streamline the way we handle customer email, ensure we provide an appropriate response, and manage various aspects of our workflow. We've been able to automate the assignment and management of various types of customer inquiries, and now have detailed metrics that help us maintain a high quality support operation."

The iService customer interaction solution includes:

  • iService Contact Management to manage customer details
  • iService Email Response Management to ensure prompt and accurate responses to customer inquiries
  • iService Knowledge Management for web self-service
  • iService Business Intelligence and Reports for metrics and insight into sales, service, and marketing operations
  • iCentives Marketing for powerful permission based email marketing
  • iService Forms Integration for integration with corporate web sites

 "One of the challenges companies have with online customer service is that the technologies used to build their call center often don't translate well to email," said Scott Whitsitt, President and CEO of One-to-One Service.com. "Customers are increasingly turning to email as a preferred form of communication and customer focused organizations like Forward Air recognize that. iService was designed from the ground up to manage high volume email response requirements with skills-based routing, service level management, productivity tools, and other enterprise features."

About Forward Air Corporation
Forward Air Corporation operates three business segments, Forward Air, Inc., Forward Air Solutions, Inc. and Total Quality, Inc.

Forward Air, Inc. is a high-service-level contractor to the air cargo industry providing time-definite ground transportation services through a network of 88 terminals located on or near major airports in the United States and Canada. It provides these services as a cost-effective alternative to air transportation of cargo that must be delivered at a specific time but is relatively less time-sensitive than traditional air freight or when air transportation is not economical.

Forward Air Solutions, Inc. is a provider of pool distribution services. Pool distribution involves the consolidation and shipment of several smaller less-than-truckload shipments to a common area or region. Once at the regional destination, the loads are deconsolidated, then grouped with other shipments with common delivery points, and delivered in a very precise, time-sensitive manner. Our pool distribution network consists of 24 terminals within the mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest and Southwestern United States.

Total Quality, Inc. utilizes industry-leading temperature-controlled equipment, 24-hour monitoring and tracking technology and layered security features to provide our customers with the highest level of service. In addition to our core pharmaceutical services, we provide brokerage transportation services. Headquartered in central Michigan, we service the United States, Canada and Mexico.

About One-to-One Service.com

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