New iService Feedback Enhancement Provides Insight Into Customer Support Experience


One-to-One Service.com has released a new enhancement for evaluating the customer support experience. iService Feedback integrates customer feedback into the ongoing support process of companies that use the iService Customer Interaction Solution.


Champaign, IL –

One-to-One Service.com announced today an enhancement to its iService customer interaction system to capture and analyze customer feedback. iService Feedback allows organizations to quickly evaluate the support experience they are providing their customers. The new feature leverages the power of iService forms and the iService scripting language which makes it highly customizable. Feedback is stored within the iService database, and new features within iService business intelligence provide insight into the organization's support processes and the ability to drill-down to actual responses that have been evaluated.

"It's very important to listen to your customers, and integrating feedback into the support loop is one of the simplest and best ways to get their input," said Scott Whitsitt, founder and CEO of One-to-One Service.com. "The iService scripting language makes it simple for any iService user to capture this type of customer input."

The iService scripting language provides business analysts the ability to quickly develop web forms that can capture any type of information and store it within the iService database. The new iService Feedback enhancement includes a set of predefined forms and business intelligence reports for quickly analyzing feedback. Access to the customer responses can be restricted to management, and reports allow users to drill down into the actual response sent to the customer that was evaluated. The analysis provides insight into how agents are performing, as well as overall customer satisfaction.

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