iService Scripting Language Supports Customized Online Service and Marketing Portals

A new release of the iService Customer Interaction Solution includes a scripting language for creating customized online service and marketing portals.

February 28, 2012 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Champaign, IL –

One-to-One Service.com announced today a new version of iService that allows users to create completely customized online customer support and marketing portals. This new version of iService includes updates to the iService scripting language that allow users to easily generate customizable web pages for capturing customer questions, displaying knowledge base articles, updating customer information, and managing e-mail preferences.

"One of the advantages iService has had for some time is its relatively easy to use interface for customer service agents and eMarketing staff," said Scott Whitsitt, founder and CEO of One-to-One Service.com. "These new enhancements allow our clients to fully customize the customer facing pages so they can be seamlessly integrated into their website. The new iService scripting language gives users the ability to do more than just change the look or color scheme of existing pages. Functionality can be combined in any way desired, such as adding frequently asked questions to contact us pages or creating a customized e-mail preferences page for marketing lists."

The iService scripting language allows users to create pages with any combination of the following actions:

- Lookup or create new contact records
- Capture customer questions with any number of custom fields
- Generate and assign service tickets to agents
- Present a list of knowledge base articles with search and browse capabilities
- Send outbound e-mails based on the input to a form
- Customize an email communications preferences page for list and campaign management
- Add call notes to customer accounts

"The iService scripting language allows users to extend existing iService functionality. For example, users can easily create mobile friendly support portals without any assistance from our professional services staff", said Adam Hayek, One-to-One Service.com Chief Technology Officer. "iService has always been a good platform for managing workflow using email as a delivery vehicle. Our new scripting language should remove the barrier for companies with less IT resource. Even a business analyst with no software development experience can create these pages for managing workflow."

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