Some thoughts on iService Chat

Posted on 7/30/2013 by Scott Whitsitt in Roadmap chat features

The release of iService Chat is rapidly approaching, and its interesting for me to reflect back on the development of this new iService feature. We've been in the customer interaction space for 15 years and, although we've focused mostly on email and self-help, chat has always been something we've worked with.

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iService 6 Feature Update

Posted on 4/13/2013 by Scott Whitsitt in Rich Text Editor Roadmap broadcast messaging mobile

E-mail has evolved over the past few years to a point where people rarely see the plain text version of the message they send. With rich text elements ranging from signatures to screenshots and embedded pictures, the HTML/rich text version is now the default view even in most mobile phones.

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Message Queue Features Update

Posted on 6/18/2012 by Scott Whitsitt in Best Practices Message Queue Send and Leave Open Roadmap

Release 5.12 includes some new enhancements to the message queue page, including a Send and Leave Open option. I thought this would be a good opportunity to review some of the different scenarios your agents' might encounter when responding to customer email, and how they can be handled within iService. But first, a quick overview of the new Message Queue features in release 5.12.

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